Expiration and Interruption

Have you sent a notice of default to the debtor and still have not received the payment? Then Law & More lawyers can start a debt collection process for you. Before starting the debt collection process, our collection specialists first will check whether your claim can still be collected. After all, a claim can expire. If that is the case, then the debtor is not obliged to pay the relevant claim and compliance with it can no longer be enforced against the court. There is then only a natural commitment. Therefore, it is wise for you as a creditor not to tolerate an unpaid claim for too long.

Expiration can be prevented through interruption. Interruption means that the expiration period starts again from that moment. The expiration period starts again if the debtor acknowledges the claim. The debtor does not have to do this explicitly. Recognition by the debtor can also follow from his statements or behaviour. Recognition can be referred to as a debtor requesting an extension or only a part of the claim has been settled. You can also interrupt the expiration period of your debtor’s claim in various ways. Do you want to know how? Then contact Law & More debt collection lawyers.